Let our cloud do the heavy lifting.

Apidae Accelerator lets users run EnergyPlus simulations effortlessly on the cloud, so they can spend less time crunching numbers and more time optimizing their buildings.

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All inputs are not created equal.

Running your models using Apidae Influence helps you understand which variables matter, and which don’t.

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Get to know your own data.

Choose your own inputs and ranges, and use Apidae Factors to visualize and understand how your models are really behaving.

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Give your models a reality check.

When you’re analyzing an existing building design, use Apidae Calibrator to find models that fit your actual, historic energy usage.

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Keep track of everything.

Apidae Chronicle records all of your tests and their results, so you can identify patterns, develop bold new ideas, and follow the evolution of your project every step of the way.

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Turn information into knowledge.

Apidae helps architects and engineers build more energy efficient buildings.

The most sophisticated cloud-based simulation platform yet, Apidae enables engineers to narrow in on the key variables that most affect energy use in their buildings, outsource the number crunching necessary to perform complicated optimizations quickly, and create powerful visualizations of the results.

Over the coming months, we’ll be launching all kinds of tools to help you create better models and do more with them. Join the Apidae LAB community below, and stay tuned.

Product Overview

The Team

We’re a group of designers, engineers and architects who wanted
a better way to model the buildings we work with.

David Bosworth

Cofounder and principal

Lars Schumann

Shannon Mackey